Add spice to your theatrical season...


We want you to do these plays! So our royalty policy is the best youíll ever find. Here it is:

1. We send you, on request, perusal copies (normally in electronic form, usually Word 2000). Please be fair Ė no production without a royalty agreement!
2. If youíre interested in a production, you send us an email proposing a royalty payment thatís fair for you, and listing the productionís:
∑ Theater (including address and phone number)
∑ Producer/producing organization and contact information
∑ Seating capacity
∑ Number and dates of performances
3. We either accept your royalty proposal or send you a modified proposal. Between us weíll work it out.
4. You send us a check.
5. We send you a letter of agreement, and the script (normally in electronic form, usually Word 2000) if you havenít already received it.
6. We love to see productions of our plays, so please invite us!
7. Please send a program from the production for our records.

Thatís it! So donít wait - contact us now!