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3W, 9 M, or more, and children
Flexible set
Fifty five minutes

The skinflint Ebenezer Scrooge is forced to confront his miserly past as his former partner Jacob Marley sends him the Spirits of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. Convinced of his folly, Scrooge voews to be a new and better man forever after.

COMMENTS: This version of the very familiar story uses virtually all of Charles Dickens’ dialogue and almost nothing else. It can stand on its own, of course, but, as Act I of Two Carols for Mr. Scrooge, it is also intended to precede Another Christmas Carol, which together make both a rounded story and a coherent piece of Christian theology.

2 W, 7 M, or more, and children
Flexible set
Forty five minutes

On his deathbed, Ebenezer Scrooge looks back on his life since his amazing encounter with the Spirits of Christmas, and realizes that he has been trying to do the impossible: to earn the grace that he can never earn, but that God offers as a free gift.

COMMENTS: A startling but logical conclusion to Scrooge’s story, and one of profound theological import. Based on a story by David G. K. Howe. Can be staged by itself, or as Act II of Two Carols for Mr. Scrooge, with A Christmas Carol as Act I.

1 W, 2 M, 3?, plus a flexible chorus
Open stage, simple set pieces
Fifty minutes

Gideon has no faith at all to speak of, but God’s angel appoints him to drive out the Midianites. The angel has to do a great deal of proving, particularly when it tells Gideon he’s got too many, not too few, soldiers. Gideon leads the troops in triumph. What will he do for an encore?

COMMENTS: A musical taken from the story of Gideon in the sixth through eighth chapters of Judges in the Bible. Fun, and very easy to stage.

6 W, 1 or more M
Simple set
Two acts

Sister Louise, struck by the plight of “bag ladies”, sets up a mission for them. The work is difficult and the ladies often enigmatic, but a community develops, only to be damaged when one of the “ladies” is killed by a mugger. But the work will go on.

COMMENTS: Suggested by the work of a group of nuns in Manhattan. This simple play is almost anti-dramatic in tone, a series of scenes almost like photographs; yet its portrait of the homeless ladies and the people that care for them is powerful, as is the conclusion: “When God looks at us, all He sees is Jesus.”

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The Day Christ Came to Hometown

2 M
No set
Ten minutes

A short, lively presentation of the apostle Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch, as told in Acts 8:26-40. Fun.

Available summer 2005
Mixed voices
Thirty five minutes

Word spreads that Christ is coming to Hometown for a visit. The town naturally wants to put on its best face; decisions are made, arguments thrashed out, honors prepared. On the great day, however, Jesus seems uninterested in ceremony, spending His time in the less reputable parts of town, until the good people pronounce Him a disappointment, at which point He is found hanging on the large ceremonial cross erected in His honor.

COMMENTS: Based on one of the greatest sermons ever preached, by the Rev. Dr. Henry P. Mobley. All music, no dialogue; may be staged or performed as an oratorio. May be presented on its own or as Act II, with Gideon as Act I, of Mighty Acts.

2 W or M
Minimal set
Ten minutes

A parishioner drops in on a clergyperson and gets a lesson in rest for the soul. A quiet play.

A Christmas Carol
Another Christmas Carol